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My. Colour RUBY Shampoo

Infuse My. Colour RUBY Shampoo


Infuse Tone, Gloss and Glow

Refreshes, Revives & Tones Coloured Hair

RUBY Infuse My. Colour Shampoo maintains brightness of red, red-brown and burgundy coloured hair. Ruby is great on brown coloured hair to enrich and add warmth.

If your hair is coloured dark brown use Ruby to add a warm red subtle glow to the dark brown.

If your hair is coloured light brown use Ruby to add rich red tones to your light brown hair.

If your hair is coloured red use Ruby to add vibrancy to your red hair.

If your hair is bleached use Ruby to add striking pink tones.

100% Vegan Formula

0% Sulphates

0% Silicones

0% Parabens

How to use: Apply a generous quantity of Infuse My. Colour Shampoo to wet hair, double the quantity of your normal shampoo. Apply evenly along lengths and ends of hair and shampoo like a pro! Rinse and repeat to add more tone. Remember that infuse my colour shampoo is instant no need to wait. To finish follow with Infuse My Colour TREAT conditioner, comb through rinse and style.

Top Tip - To prepare hair for Infuse, use your usual shampoo first if you haven't washed your hair for a few days.

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